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Friday, June 17, 2011

What I am up to and a little sneak peak

I thought I would do another post of what I'm up to. We are about to move into an old country farm house that is basically a blank slate. I thought I'd do country chic in this house and so I needed some stuff, thus the junkin or yard saling. I thought I would show you my finds!!

Found this old carboy (if you know why they are called that please enlighten us all). Got it for a buck, I couldn't believe it! I'm not much of a make your own rum or beer type of a gal (that is what these are used for when they aren't on the old water coolers). So I thought I would do something like this with it.>>
This was done by StephanieLynn at Under the Table Dreaming

Found this really cool lamp. Doesn't have a shade yet but I'm not sure where it will be in the new house so I'll just wait to see. 

My next find was this awesome light fixture held by my little cutie. I love that his tongue is held just right and that he wouldn't put down his caprisun. The guy practically gave it to me. His dad had passed away and had been hording for years, I think he just wanted everything gone. It was made in Italy and is going to rock the kitchen in the new place.
Found these milk bottles and the other's (not sure what they are called) at Savers. Oh how I miss Savers now that I am so far away. 

Thank you community garage sale!! I am like everyone else out there I LOVE Apothecary Jars! Now just what do I put in them since there isn't a holiday around?? Christmas and Halloween are covered though<;

Another great find for from a thrift store. This little basket caused quite the commotion in line. The guy in front of me kept offering me money for it because his wife really loved it. Oh and there is a little sneak peak of the dresser I found and refinished. Soon as I can find the before picture I'll post my before and after. 

All this for around 15 bucks! I can't wait to get into the new house and start decorating!! 

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