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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Canning Party Free Printables

Calling ALL CANNERS.....

As a child we had an entire room dedicated to food storage. We had the most deliciouses things in there. Canned blueberry jam, bottles of sweet drinks, apples canned and ready for an amazing apple pie, dry oats etc. There were some not so yummy things too like lentils, molasses, and others you'd look in the jar and didn't even know where to start guessing. I remember helping my mother prepare a lot of this food or going down to the cannery with the big industrial machines and doing some of the larger stuff there. 

SO I guess my point being there is so much fun to be had canning and saving a little of the abundance for harder times or just when you feel like making an apple pie quick. The Cottage Industrialist has a great guest post and Free printable from Kristen Magee over at Paper Crave. If you are canning you might as well make it a party and beautiful at the same time right. These beautiful labels could have saved some guess work when I was younger as to what the mystery bottle was. 

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